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Welcome to the Vision Services for Eye Surgical and Medical Associates. More than just clear vision, we understand that vision must be comfortable as well as useful. We also know that eye health must be maintained in order to maximize visual performance. To that end, the team in our Vision Care Department provides: routine eye exams, specialty vision care, contact lenses, and an optical dispensary located right inside the facility.

Children & Adult Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye examination includes several elements. Vision is carefully measured to ensure both clear and comfortable vision. Eye muscle balance and movements are checked; peripheral vision is likewise evaluated. Eye health is thoroughly assessed, front to back, and examination frequently includes a dilation of the pupils for the most comprehensive assessment possible. More problem focused eye examinations may also be performed to evaluate specific problems, such as dry eyes, allergies, pink eye, glaucoma, irritation, etc.

Dr. Allen Denison routinely examines patients from about age 5 (starting-kindergarten examinations, etc) up through adulthood. Dr. Laura Rodriguez will see adults and pediatric patients ages 3 and up.

Specialty Vision Care

Often, general use spectacles may not be adequate for all visual demands. Customized computer glasses, for example, may relieve symptoms associated with prolonged computer use. Polarized or anti-reflective lenses may be needed to see clearly in glare situations. There are sport specific glasses or contact lenses as well.

Contact Lenses

Who can wear contacts?

Contact lenses are used to correct the same conditions that glasses correct:

  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia (the need for bifocals)

Certain individuals may require contact lenses for medical reasons, but they can also be fit for cosmetic reasons, such as changing eye color. There is no age limit for wearing contacts.

Who should not wear contacts?

Safe contact lens wear requires reasonably healthy eyes. Some medical conditions may disallow contact lens wear. Allergies, infections, dry eyes, and other conditions may have implications on how or when contacts may be worn, but do not necessarily prohibit contact lens wear.

Which type of contacts is best?

The doctor will determine contact lens options during the examination, and often, the patient will be given several options to choose from. The following summary reviews some basic characteristics of the different contact lens types:

Rigid gas-permeable contacts (RGP's) are so named because these materials retain their original shape on the eye and are permeable to oxygen. Benefits of this type of lens include superior visual acuity, excellent eye health, and long life. Modern fitting techniques have made these lenses very comfortable, however, there is a short period of adaptation before the lenses can be worn full-time. This type of lens may not be the first choice for those who work in very dusty environments, engage in rough contact sports, or those wanting contacts only for occasional wear.

Soft contact lenses are partially comprised of water, as such the material is more pliable and conforms to the shape of the eye when worn. Because these lenses are less durable than rigid lenses, they are typically replaced at frequent intervals in order to maintain maximum comfort, vision, and eye health. This planned replacement schedule ranges from a daily disposable lens (a fresh pair every day) to a six-month replacement lens (two pair per year). Because these planned replacement lenses allow a supply to be kept on hand, this can be very convenient for those who frequently travel or those who are prone to losing lenses. Adaptation is minimal with soft contacts, making them a good choice for those desiring contacts for occasional wear only.

Recently, a hybrid contact lens has been introduced which combines some of the advantages of a soft lens with some of the advantages of a rigid gas permeable lens. Continuous wear contacts are those which may be kept on during sleep. Although sleeping in contacts traditionally has been associated with more complications, recent advances have greatly enhanced the safety of this extremely convenient lens wear schedule.

Bifocal or Multifocal contact lenses enable people who require additional correction for reading (bifocals, progressives, or reading glasses) to view near and far without using glasses. Options are available in both soft and RGP materials. These lenses are highly specialized and require more time and expertise to fit. As such, there is more cost involved but they can be very rewarding for motivated individuals.

The cost of contact lenses should be discussed with the doctor before lenses are ordered. A first time wearer can expect to pay more than an established wearer does. This is because the first time wearers will require training on the proper care of lenses and have more follow up with the doctor to establish successful adaptation and visual function.

Vision plans often pay a portion of contact lens fees. If contact lenses are deemed medically necessary, they may also be covered by medical insurance. In evaluating the cost of contact lenses, it is important to consider what services are included. A thorough examination, a careful, competent fit and follow-up are as important as the lenses themselves.

Risks of wearing contact lenses range from minor irritations to serious permanent complications. For most people the benefits will greatly outweigh the risks. Serious complications are extremely rare, but the potential should be discussed with the doctor before deciding on contact lens wear.

Optical Services

We are proud to offer you the latest designs in eyewear through our very own Optical Dispensary. Gucci, Tom Ford, Oakley, Calvin Klein and Vera Wang are just some of the many designs that are available to suit your needs.

Our Board Certified Optician's and staff are ready to fit you or your family in eyewear that is not only right for you, but right for your wallet. With so many frame designs to choose from, we are confident you will find a pair of eyeglasses that will meet your needs.

Our Optical Dispensary is located right inside the facility. You can get a prescription from your doctor and get it filled all under one roof. This is just another way we are committed to excellence and convenience for our patients.

If you would like to schedule a fitting for your glasses or just simply want to find out what we have to offer, call or visit our dispensary today!

Frame Selections

Frames for adults and children that will fit any budget.

Frames from the top designers

Several of the designer lines we carry include Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors, Persol, Ray Ban, Victoria Beckham, Vera Wang and many more.

Safety eyeglasses

We have an assortment of safety frames for patients that require special safety glasses for work or hobbies. These frames are also available for businesses that supply safety eyewear for the employees.


We carry a large assortment of sunglasses that can have your RX filled in them. There are many frames that have Polaroid lenses available to purchase in stock without an RX.

Specialty frames for sports

Rec Specs are safety eyewear that are used for sports. They come in all sizes and shapes available for adults and children.


We can replace nose pads and screws at no charge. We can adjust frames for a better fit.

Optical Services

  • Individual services for fitting frames and lenses.
  • We will give you our best opinion on frame selections.
  • We will offer you all lens options that are available for your RX.
  • The labs we use to manufacture your lenses use the state of the art equipment.


Several of the Primary insurances that we accept are:

  • Vision Service Plan
  • Medical Eye Services
  • Foundation
  • Blue View

Excellent all the way around.

Sharran B.

For a detailed illustration of the procedures mentioned above, watch the videos below.

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